Brandi’s Post Partum Testimonial

I have wanted a baby since I can remember.  When I finally had a baby after 5 years of trying, something hit me, something that is indescribable.  I was hit with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, some ocd, you name it, I was experiencing it.  This was so hard for me because all I ever wanted was to have a child and now I felt like I was constantly living in a nightmare, I couldn’t even enjoy the newest addition to our family.  I needed help!

I wasn’t too fond on the idea of medicine and thankfully my husband new a friend of friend which led me to Colorado Clear Mind in Louisville.  I was in one of the darkest moments of my life even with all the joy surrounding me and my new daughter so I was eager to begin the program.

After my brain map session we had discovered some very interesting things!  I had oshiomotos thyroid disorder among a few other things going on with the imbalances of my brain.  I was cut off from gluten and dairy and put into a 50 session program that consisted of 20 sessions of alpha theta to help calm my brain down as the brain map was showing severe depression and anxiety.

After about the 8th session I really started feeling like there was hope.  My husband was so supportive of me as we lived 45 minutes away we came about 3, sometimes 4 times a week to jump start the program.  Going into the third week I hit my 12th session and it was then I felt like there was  a light switch that turned on!!

I could feel my depression going away and for the first time I felt joy again; I could smile.

I am still going through the program and currently only about half way through.  I am confident that if you’re struggling with postpartum depression, if you’re just feeling depressed in general, I truly feel this is one of the best, all natural, no medicine, avenues you have.  There is hope for you!!

-Brandi J